Vicky and Alan // Scotland Wedding Photographer

When I went home to Scotland this summer I had to also snap up the opportunity to photograph my sister Vicky and her husband Alan. We were staying at Knockbrex Castle in Dumfrieshire that was tucked just a small wander away from the most glorious rocky shoreline. We spent many days there exploring the rock pools, dipping our toes in the freezing Irish sea and building a fire against the slabs with a dram of whiskey in a flask to warm us. The boys collected mussels and wild garlic and cooked them for our dinner in white whine and cream. The summer light doesn't really end in the evening, the sky is always glowing. One warm, bright evening I took Vicky and Alan down to the shore and I photographed them the way they ALWAYS are -  lovebirds of a particular kind. After almost 20 years of marriage, this pair have seen great loss and great gain together. My other sister Naomi and her husband Iain also live in Scotland, and we are rarely all together in the same place. We are all close in a multi-faceted way, and my heart aches for them as much as it does for the land. Perhaps one day we will all live near one another again. I do hope.  

Sarah DeShieldsComment