Until the Light Comes - Sarah Helser

Earlier in the year I was honored to shoot the models for Sarah Helser's upcoming gallery at Hidell Brooks in Charlotte, NC. Sarah is one of my most treasured friends, and I am delighted to share her work with you because not only is she a phenomenal artist, but she is a soul that writes from a deep, profound and revelatory well. In Sarah I have a friend that I can share a secret language with and that is a great gift in this life. If you've followed my music at all you may recognize her work on my album covers as well.

Here are just a couple of my photographs alongside Sarah's paintings and a poem she wrote that accompanies the work. Sarah has beautiful, powerful things to say to this world and its an incredible experience to collaborate with her. 

If you are in Charlotte please visit her gallery that runs through December 20th! And tonight, her reception is from 6-8pm at Hidell Brooks. 

father and mother unlock your doors
on nights of summer. bare
feet gliding through hushed sighs, they love
waiting for tomatoes crimson to climb and magnolias grow
larger than whales, white on the terrace
spraying delicious scents around the homes
of hands, stirring quiet to lift quilts and escape
out the window and into the night. 

in the damp heat, smallness is grand
crashing waves that wear the years away,
and I am bathing with the midnight birds
black feathers wet and they sing
"the moon is a lamp
the stars are chandeliers
and you my dear are a moth
trapped in an earthly body
jailed by the summer night"

-Sarah Helser