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A highland cow, Perth, Scotland

A highland cow, Perth, Scotland

Living in North Carolina, I spend the summers basking in the heat with my children.  Those heavy days saturate our whole bodies, making us slow, breathing in the thick blanket of air enveloping. I don't mind it, but it always reminds me that I am a foreigner here.  

But when Autumn comes with it's low, dappling light I remember the cold lands I came from. I remember that by now, we're already bundled up and braving the winds that drive at our hair and scold our cheeks. I remember that we get outside every day even if it's for a quick walk to the field with the dogs because the land calls us out. I remember the smell of cold, clean air on a dark day, winter not quite rolling in but tantalizingly close and crisp on the edges of tree limbs and cool stones.

I have literally thousands of pictures taken over the years from each trip back to visit my family. I get greedy with the camera, voraciously eating up every leaf and tree, though I've yet to capture what it really feels like, what it smells like, in the cold winter air of Scotland.

Of those thousands, here are a choice few from a Christmas spent in Perthshire.  I plan on spending the summer in the UK next summer, reuniting with my family once again, and will take my first trip to France to photograph a wedding! It's hard to believe I never made it to France in all my years of being so close. 

If you are in the UK, specifically Yorkshire or Scotland in the summer of 2015, and would like to book a shoot, please contact me: sarahdeshields@gmail.com